By 2015, all medical professionals with access to patient records must utilize electronic medical and health records or face penalties.

Electric Medical Records (EMR) are software systems that provide electronic versions of a patients’ health histories.  You can get select this software and incorporate it into your business with the help of a cloud service provider.

With the new HIPAA omnibus and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) health care professionals are required to transfer patient records and other data to cloud computing.

However, healthcare professionals hesitate to incorporate cloud computing into their businesses because they find the process daunting or are unaware of the benefits of cloud storage.
EMRs are secure. Cloud service providers encrypt, back up & protect data with permission-based access.  Cloud-based data also grants medical professionals mobility; they can access medical records outside the office from any location.  Cloud data also enables easier medical referrals.  Patient information can be transferred to a different doctor if requested.  Lastly, the cloud is cost-saving.  Medical offices avoid paying for on-site hardware infrastructure and maintenance in order to securely store patient medical records.

Has your office transitioned to a cloud computing solution yet?