Our Consultants are Experts in Change Management

We will set up your company to run a smooth and cohesive Change Control process by writing the documentation on the process and procedures, recommending a product that fits your environment, working with the vendor to customize the online tool to your needs, training all personnel, and providing on-going support for a limited time.

The purpose of the Change Control Process is to coordinate, monitor, inform, control, and maintain a history of all changes that occur in the data centers.

The Change Control process is to ensure that there are strong controls for the orderly introduction of change into your production environment. This process is applicable to all facilities, applications, databases, hardware, platforms, and technology infrastructure products.


  • Provide a secure environment for program, hardware and infrastructure change.
  • Ensures that unauthorized changes will not be moved into production.
  • Ensures that all program changes are fully tested and provide a history of all changes made.
  • Ensures that changes in the primary site are duplicated in the disaster recovery site.
  • Ensures that all affected groups of the proposed changes are fully informed and timely notified.


  • To protect existing hardware, applications and procedures while accommodating change.
  • To maximize the availability of systems to customers.
  • To facilitate hardware, software and infrastructure changes to meet business needs.
  • To improve risk management.
  • To keep contingency processes and information current and compatible.
  • To synchronize code between primary and disaster recovery sites.
  • To set a cohesive and defined procedure that minimizes errors.